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Palazzo Party (Vardos)
Released on 9 June 2017
℗ 2017 Vardos
Palazzo Party
  • Tracks
    1Axolotl02:53$1.99 Buy
    2Lino Leano04:20$1.99 Buy
    3Constantine03:52$1.99 Buy
    4Cartload Of Cabbages04:44$1.99 Buy
    5Timparale02:50$1.99 Buy
    6The Flower Seller03:12$1.99 Buy
    7Last Drinks In Transylvania07:43$1.99 Buy
    8Mayn Shtetele Belz02:08$1.99 Buy
    9Race You To Craiova03:00$1.99 Buy
    10Cuckoo Vs Crow04:12$1.99 Buy
    11The Forest Is Buzzing05:05$1.99 Buy
    12How Nicely They Play03:14$1.99 Buy
    13For Your Eyebrows04:20$1.99 Buy
    14Gypsy Village Dances04:14$1.99 Buy
    15Path of Sapphires05:15$1.99 Buy

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